Youth Outreach

Quinte Symphony continues our commitment to providing an orchestral music experience to youth audiences in Quinte. These programs support and enhance the music curriculum, encourage students to form a connection with classical music and foster musical literacy.

Youth Outreach ProgramsVa-va-va-va... Violin & Viola!  (K-6)

This informative and interactive session with two Quinte Symphony string musicians engages youth in the magic of a string instrument. A variety of familiar pieces from opera, classical, pop and fiddling are performed and students are encouraged to blend their stories with these musical works. Various techniques and styles such as pizzicato and bouncing bow are also demonstrated. Students then enter into smaller groups and, with guidance from Quinte Symphony volunteers, have an opportunity to hold and 'play' a violin. Another activity includes displaying visual images and the musicians play a short piece; students are then engaged in discussion regarding which image best fit the music, and why. Our goal is that this initial exposure will spark an appreciation for string and orchestral music and possibly encourage youth to consider string instrument lessons.

The Majesty of the Horn  (K-8)
Three members of our Horn section formed an ensemble last year to make a presentation at our 2011 fundraiser, the March Break Pizza-cato Fest. Since then, the 'DoHeBa Horn Trio' has developed a portfolio of music that encompasses a wide array of genres; from hunting horn calls through repertoire from the 16th to 21st centuries. They continue to develop their portfolio to include Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Folk, Ballads, Musicals, Pop and Rock genres. Their school program under development was tested in February 2012 at Belleville's Sir John A. MacDonald public school to 250 children, K to 8. 'TheÊMajesty of the Horn', a 60-minute program, presents a historical walk through the development of the Hunting Horn, or "trompe de chase", into one of the most magnificent of instruments of the 21st century, the French Horn. This presentation includes: musical demonstrations of repertoire and artifacts from the 1600's to 2012; time lines and composers most significant to the horn; demonstrations of the building of the horn and techniques such as hand and crock use in the natural horn; the development of sound and musical repertoire using the horn; growth of the horn in the early stages of the orchestra as well as in the hunting genre in Europe and America, through to its modern day in musical presentations. The program involves dramatic re-enactments, student participation and trio performance of historical repertoire.