Stephen Choma and Musicians Memorial Award

This annual award was created to honour Stephen Choma, the founder and inaugural Music Director of The Eastern Ontario Concert Orchestra, re-named Quinte Symphony in 2000. Chosen by our current Music Director/Conductor, Gordon Craig, this award is presented at the final MasterWorks concert to a young orchestra musician who makes a significant contribution to the orchestra throughout the year.
We wish our former Stephen Choma and Musicians Memorial Award recipients every success as they continue to participate in the promotion of music in the Quinte area and beyond.

1983   Chris Everhardus, Tim Foster
1984   Chris Everhardus, Edward Wellein
1985   Chris Everhardus, Richard Jefferson
1986   Chris Everhardus, Lisa Kemp
1987   Rosemary Gosse, Julie Umpherson
1988   Chris Everhardus, Stephen Parkin
1989   Rosemary Gosse
1990   No Recipients
1991   Kelly Clarke, Rosemary Gosse
1992   Selmin Cicek
1993   Steven Belanger
1994   Steven Belanger
1995   Andrew Farmer, Rosslyn Miller
1996   Joseph Scott
1997   Melissa King
1998   Laura Pickett
1999   Jason Tam
2000   Kerri Nyman
2001   Chris Belanger
2002   Chris Belanger, Elaine Tam
2003   Elaine Tam
2004   Elaine Tam
2005   Jonathan Tam
2006   Philip VanderWindt
2007   Courtney Stewart
2008   no award presented

2009   Luke Bell

2010   Audrey Robinson, Thomas Rooney

2011   Daphne Kennedy

2012   Sawyer Bonin